Robert Estes for United States Congress

The Solutions

  • Create American Jobs
  • Cut Rules and Regulations
  • Cut Excessive and Unnecessary Taxes
  • Cut Government Spending
  • Reduce Debt Ceiling
  • Cut Foreign Aid

Southaven business owner Robert Estes, a native Mississippian and owner of Estes Grading & Trucking, started his business thirteen years ago with only a dream, determination, and hard work. He worked diligently, and tirelessly strived to achieve his dream of being a business owner. His endless efforts have paid off in the form of a successful growing business.

For the last year, Estes’s attention has been occupied by the decreasing job opportunities for Mississippians and fellow Americans, as well as the burdensome rules, regulations, and excessive taxes dominating existing businesses. Over a year ago Estes created a website called, and it has been a tremendous success in reaching out to fellow citizens and informing them that there is no need for our nation to be without jobs. It further instructs them as to what they, as an individual, can do to alleviate this negative situation. Estes has taken his concern about our job situation to Washington DC and addressed the Leadership Summit at the Heritage Foundation.

The lack of jobs and dire straits of fellow citizens and our country has sparked a new dream in Estes’s heart. Estes believes that hard work, leadership, common sense, and active involvement in our nation’s congress can and will make a difference for the people of North Mississippi and all across America. By creating and managing a successful business, Estes knows what it takes to create jobs, and he knows what destroys jobs. He is aware of the fact that a congressional representative’s job is to create a more friendly atmosphere for entrepreneurs so that the American people can do what they do best which is to create and produce jobs which prospers everyone in return.

Estes has announced his candidacy for US Congress in the first district. Estes, a business owner, not a politician, desires to be the representative of the hard working people of North Mississippi and work towards implementing common sense solutions and reasonability into legislation, and bring American jobs and American industry back to the state of Mississippi.